I started training with George as I wanted to get in shape for my wedding. I got such great results that I kept going even after the big day!

~ Julie

George has been a mentor for me when it comes to fitness as well as everyday life.

~ Paris

George’s professionalism and friendly demeanor made working out fun and I was able to shed those post baby pounds.

~ Yasmine

George’s focus, humour, energy and teaching talent have been just what I need.

~ David

George has trained my son for over 5 years and is an excellent boxing trainer and role model.

~ Barbara

I am always inspired by the dedication, passion and care that George puts into each and every client.

~ Brenda

George will teach you proper boxing technique while pushing you to achieve your best through high intensity workouts.

~ Dylan

George trained both of my boys as teens. The experience really improved their confidence and self esteem in addition to their fitness level.

~ Julie Ann